Furnace Brook Winery is truly a wonderful place to spend an afternoon. We filmed our visit during their annual Apple Blossom Bash which takes place in May. The bash featured a wine tasting set up at a table outside in addition to their usual counter inside the wine shop. A nice-sized gazebo with tables and chairs provided shade and on the lawn were lots of comfortable chairs to sit and enjoy the lovely view while sipping wine.

The 5 minute video features a splash, wine on the floor, a nice wine pourer, unprofessional wine tasting comments, a couple of walk-throughs, a talk with the owner, a wine purchase and a quick look at the lovely apple blossoms. The enjoyable music in the background is performed by the Justin Allen Trio.

Furnace Brook Winery and Hilltop Orchards
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We have been to this winery more than once and highly recommend their wines. We especially like the Reisling and Cabernet Sauvignon at this moment as well as both types of cider that they produce from their own apples. The fruity taste of the ciders are exceptional.

The orchards are beautiful and various outdoor activities such as hiking and biking are available.

Member of Berkshire Grown

Click here to hear Holly Brouker talk about adventure hikes and other activities offered by the orchard

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Furnace Brook Winery and Hilltop Orchards
Rt. 295 / 508 Canaan Rd.
Richmond, MA 01254
Fri. through Sun, 11am 5pm
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